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INFINITY LINING PVT.LTD. has been established since 1992. We have been working with dedication to fulfil the demand of allied products of chemical based industries.

We have specialized in customized Lined products as per our client requirement and as well as we are having our products range from Diameter 15mm to 350mm.

Welcome To Infinity Lining

Corrosion has always been a challenge to chemical process industry. This is inevitable multifaceted problem covering chemical corrosion of reaction vessels, pumps, pipes & fittings, valves and other equipment used for measurements and process control. Our aim is to provide our customers the most comprehensive and reliable services.

INFINITY LINING PVT.LTD. Are manufacturers of Fluoropolymer lined fluid handling systems for Highly Corrosion Resistant piping inPTFE ( Polytetrafluorothylene) , FEP ( Fluorinatedethylene Propylene), PFA ( Perfluoroalkoxy ),PP ( Poly Propylene)And HDPE (High Density Poly Ethylene).

Our products are made from the quality materials using advanced technology, while every stage of the manufacturing process is conducted and monitored under our strict supervision of professionals.

We are dedicated to satisfy the clients by providing them products of maximum efficiency and minimum long term cost at a competitive price.

Industries we serve are:


Along with extensive R & D, We are using latest and upgraded production methodology in order to provide the customers, products of supreme quality and efficiency. In order to achieve our goal we use machines such as


All the products are designed and manufactured appropriately to comply with supreme quality. In order to ensure it we have testing standards as below:


We believe that ideas and businesses deserve customized solutions and personal attention to grow. Our Motto “ for your problems, we have infinite solutions ”

Our focus: